• Juliana Garofalo

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    About Me

    Juliana Garofalo is an accomplished medical assistant and student pursuing a physician assistant program, who also harbors a deep love for various hobbies and outdoor activities. With a vast array of interests that extend well beyond her professional life, She is passionate about activities like knitting, cooking, and outdoor pursuits including fishing, paddleboarding, and birdwatching.


    Residing in Norwalk, Connecticut, She is deeply connected to her home state and its impressive natural beauty. She is an active member of the Connecticut Audobon Society and HawkWatch International, where she indulges in her love for birdwatching and learning about the unique and rare wildlife in the region, particularly birds. She enjoys spending her free time in the Connecticut wilderness, exploring the area with friends and fellow members of the Connecticut Audobon Society.


    In addition to her love for nature and the outdoors, She is currently advancing her career in the medical field. As a medical assistant, she has expressed interests in fields such as Surgery, Women's Health, and Dermatology, with aspirations to become a physician assistant. She strongly believes in the vital role of healthcare, especially in light of global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. She is aware of the challenges facing the healthcare industry, including extreme shortages stemming from increased demand, employee burnout, and other factors. She hopes that her contributions as a medical assistant and future physician assistant will help alleviate these pressures, improve patient care, and ultimately benefit the entire healthcare sector.


    Juliana's diverse interests and dedication to her profession, along with her active participation in conservation organizations, showcase her commitment to a well-rounded life where she continuously seeks knowledge, exploration, and opportunities to make a positive impact on her community and the world around her.